TCSRD believes that social, economic and environmental development lie at the heart of transformation. The enablers for all three critical elements of development are health, wellness and education. These help ensure long-term sustainability of interventions.

TCSRD has divided these into three main heads, which are:

  • Education (Shiksha Maitree)
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Drinking Water & Sanitation
  • Education (Shiksha Maitree)
    Education is one of the most important pillars which aid our socio-economic development. It is a fundamental right of every child of the age group of 5-14 years to complete formal school education. TCSRD runs programmes and works in various rural areas across India. From high dropout rates and lack of infrastructure to use of traditional teaching methods, TCSRD aims to overcome these issues with a single-minded objective - achieving ‘zero dropout’ in the operational areas.
  • Health & Nutrition
    One of the major reasons why people slip back below the poverty line is medical expenditure by vulnerable households. It becomes imperative that TCSRD facilitates communities for better health care, nutrition, safe drinking water & better sanitation facilities. By providing preventive and where possible curative health services, TCSRD acts as a bridge between the government and the community, facilitating access to government health services wherever possible. Additionally, TCSRD also strives to fill the gap by providing preventative and curative health services to the unserved population.
  • Drinking Water & Sanitation
    Under this pillar, the interventions are guided towards promoting clean and safe drinking water and good sanitation. We help provide clean water through roof rainwater harvesting structures, repair of hand pumps, supporting households with water purifier systems through Samridhhi and Swatch Tarang Project. Behaviour change programmes, Swachh Bharat Mission Cleanliness Drives, construction of toilets and sanitation units help create good sanitation in the rural areas.

Impact 2021-22

  • 3,465
    Women and adolescent girls screened for HB test under the Holistic Nutrition Programme
  • 6,805
    Children screened for Malnutrition under the Holistic Nutrition Programme
  • 55,792
    Students supported via online classes, Scholarships, quality of education
  • 9,035
    Students supported - Learning and Migration programme (LAMP)
  • 668
    Families supported with drinking water and toilets – Mithapur
  • 11,770
    Families supported with drinking water - Swach Tarang
Ch. Pdmamma

Name of Intervention: Health and Nutrition
Name of Beneficiary: Ch. Pdmamma
Location: NM Kandriga village, Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh

My husband and I and our two children live in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. We belong to the scheduled caste community and struggle to make ends meet since my husband is the sole breadwinner and we are dependent on his daily earnings as a coolie. We can scarcely afford private medical care if any one of us falls ill.

Although I was always keen to build a better and healthier life for my children, I felt hampered by my illiteracy and lack of any skills. That’s until I met TCSRD’s field coordinator. The meeting opened my eyes as I learnt about TCSRD’s health intervention programmes, which included access to primary healthcare services and also a nutrition club. The TCSRD team taught me about the importance of nutrition and the use of home-based herbal medications to prevent and treat minor ailments.
Till then, I had not even realised that I could convert the small patch in front of our house into a kitchen garden. But TCSRD’s health coordinators distributed saplings and seedlings, and I learnt to grow vegetables and herbs in my home, a bounty that my family enjoys today.

Name of Intervention: COVID 19 Special Scholarship-2021
Name of Beneficiary: Bloch Mahmadhusen Altafbhai
Location:Bhimrana village , Okhamandal taluka, Devbhumi Dwarka district, Gujarat

I am a student of Class 7, and live in the village of Bhimrana in Devbhumi Dwarka. The last two years have been very difficult for my family as I lost my father to COVID-19 in April 2021.

Our troubles first began when my father, who used to own a truck, lost his livelihood as business came to a standstill because of the lockdown. For more than a year, he struggled to earn money and support our family of 11 members. I used to attend a private school in the Okhamandal block of my district, but after my father was unable to pay my fees, I had to drop out. Things changed for worse, when I lost my father.

However, today I feel lucky that I am back in school because of the scholarship provided by TCSRD. This has enabled children like me to continue our education.

The scholarship covers our school fees for the previous and current year, which amounts to Rs. 1,16,450 for 12 students. TCSRD has directly deposited my fees in my school’s bank account. I am happy to return to school. I want to study hard and do well so that I can grow up and support my family like my father.

Mahmadhusen Altafbhai