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Taking the reins of the family’s future

Case study: : Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme (REDP)

Beneficiary: Mrs. Nayanaben Tulasibhai Makvana

Location: Arambhada, Dwarka, Gujarat

Mrs. Nayanaben Tulasibhai Makvana

Mrs. Nayanaben Tulasibhai Makvana comes from a very poor family, but she has always been very enthusiastic about helping her family. Before becoming a part of the Self Help Group, she was running a play house for the little children in the area.

She joined the Ridhisidhi mandal with TCSRD, and today she is an entrepreneur, an Okhai artisan, as well as the mukhiya of the mandal. She is also a professional trainer and imparts training to new women for the mandals. Through her association with TCSRD, she also received REDP, leadership, federation, papad making and accounting training - all of which she uses to improve her, and her family’s livelihood.