Building Economic Capital

Planting seeds for a better tomorrow

Case study: Seedling

Beneficiary: Mr. Jagdish Manek

Location: Gadhechi, Okhamandal

Mr. Jagdish Manek (R) with his father

Mr. Jagdish Manek is a young, 21-year old farmer full of passion and vision to create something new. He owns nine acres of land in Gadhechi village, which is very fertile with great availability of water. However, the yield of his farm was very less compared to similar farms in the area.

As a member of Ashapura Farmers group formed by TCSRD in Gadhechi village, he participated in the training programme on the production technology of vegetables. In the training programme, he learned about the importance of healthy seeds and seedlings in the production of vegetables. 

Nursery of Mr. Jagdish Manek

After the training, Mr. Jagdish decided to adopt the plug nursery for vegetable seedling for which TCSRD assisted him in preparation and planning - providing technical support, as well as support for the purchase of agro nets and seedling trays.

In the first batch of production Mr. Jagdish prepared 20,000 seedlings of chili and tomato, after the transplanting of which he received early fruiting, as well as 12% more production per acre.

He also expanded the structure of his nursery, which helped him produce more seedlings of vegetables for the other farmers. In 2020, he sold more than Rs.2 lakhs worth of seedlings to farmers in the Okhamandal area.