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Laying foundations for her family’s success

Case study: Cluster Development

Beneficiary: Ms. Kakkal Samim Akbar Bhai

Location: Surajkaradi, Dwarka, Gujarat

Ms. Kakkal Samim

Ms. Kakkal Samim’s family did not have the economic foundation to live a comfortable life, and she always wanted to do something to improve the situation. She got the opportunity to undergo Rural Entrepreneur Development Programme (REDP) technical training for bandhani work, after which she became a talented artisan and started receiving orders from various places with support of TCSRD.

Today, she has risen through the ranks and honed her skills to become a professional trainer who trains new joinees in the cluster.

Due to the quality of her work, her cluster has received a Rs.70,000 rotating fund to exhibit their creations at various places. Ms. Samim is now able to contribute Rs.3,500 to Rs.4,000 every month to her family's expenses which supports the family income.

Today, she is a professional trainer and imparts training to new artisan for bandhani work.