Ensuring Environmental Integrity

Helping little birds spread their wings

Case study: Biodiversity

Beneficiary: Mrs. Meena Badiani

Location: Mithapur, Gujarat

Mrs. Meena Badiani

House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) was once a very common bird in India. However, with the passing times, the spread and population strength of this bird has seen a steady decline. To improve this situation, a thousand plus sparrow nest-boxes were arranged and a household survey was undertaken to identify individuals willing to have sparrow nest-box fixed in their house.

As a Prakriti Parivar volunteer, Mrs. Meena Badiani took up the responsibility to complete the survey in her colony. She also undertook a door-to-door survey and 20 nest-boxes were done on the first day. The demand grew as the word spread and this encouraged Mrs. Meena to extend her campaign to other colonies in the township. She was able to garner support from over hundred households and the nest-boxes were fixed within a month. She was also ably supported by her husband, Mr. Parag Badiani, who joined her on weekends.