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Swasth Aangan
Divya Drishti

The Swasth Aangan project is a flagship project of TCSRD. Earlier known as the intensive family welfare project (IFWP), the Swasth Aangan project is being implemented at the Babrala region, focusing on achieving the goals set up by the UP population policy, such as reduction of infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate and total fertility rate and strengthening of community mechanism like village health committee, parivar kaliyan kendra, ASHA workers. The program was initially implemented at the Rajpura Block of Gunnaur Tehsil/ block and was later replicated in the 98 villages of Gunnaur block. From 2007 onwards, the Swasth Aangan project concentrated its health activities in 55 villages from Gunnour block.

Apart from playing the role of facilitator, it also created awareness about various Government medical care services and its schemes, building processes and linkages between the community and relevant organizations and institutions so that sustained improvements can be brought about in all the RCH indicators such as Fertility Rate, MMR, IMR.

Activities which were undertaken under the project were:

  1. Mobile clinic services i.e. provision of health services at the door step. The mobile clinic services were provided in fifty five villages of Gunnour and Rajpura block in the Badaun district.

  2. Awareness programs were organized on various government schemes, importance of immunization, and breast feeding, prevention on seasonal diseases, HIV/AIDS etc. Various behavior change communication tools were used for creating the awareness. This included puppet shows, street theatre, wall paintings, audio visuals shows, community discussion etc.

  3. Skill and capacity building of community based organizations such as the village health committee and village health functionaries such as ANMs, health workers, Asha workers, traditional birth attendants (TBA) etc also formed an important aspect of the program.  

  4. Family planning camps were organized wherein women were motivated through regular counseling by the health workers and ANM

  5. Parivar Kalyan Kendras (PKK) were established in different villages and pockets where counseling were done for family planning and other related concerns by the Swasthya Mitra (health workers). The PKK also provides the members of the community a basket of choice on family planning products.Around 40 PKKs were established running in fifty five villages.

  6. Seeds of green vegetable, Iron, Calcium, Folic acid and TT vaccine were also provided to a pregnant lady. Regular follow up of expecting mothers is done by Village level Motivator. Around 1719 seed kits have been distributed.

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