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After the 73rdamendment, the panchayats have been vested with responsibilities of governance at the village level. Present scenario shows that both the villagers and the office bearers (elected representatives at the panchayat level) are ignorant of their responsibilities, government schemes and the whole process of governance.

TCSRD, through its Saksham program aims at empowering the elected representatives at the panchayat level by building their capacities. Along with Panchayat members, it also looks at the capacity building of community based organizations. Under the banner of SAKSHAM (Swayam ki Shakti Hai Mahan) awareness programs for panchayat members and sarpanch are organized. The awareness programs helps in building an insightful community- a community, aware of its true potential, conscious of its rights and duties and having the capacity to take right decision towards the development of its own village and nation at large.


Sakshamh is an initiative towards building an insightful community.

The broad objective of the program is to develop self awareness among the villagers –including panchayat members and sarpanch children, youth and general public and to train them in self development, leadership, and good governance.

The immediate objectives are:

  • To create awareness on Panchayati raj.
  • To make the members of Gram panchayat well-versed with their roles and responsibility
  • To make them familiar with the importance and role of common people (gram sabha) in Gram panchayat and democracy.
  • To build the capacity of community based organizations so that they can effectively participate in the development of their area.

Planning and organizing of the capacity building and skill development programs for the village institutions like Gram panchayat, Pani samiti/ water management committee following process was followed:

  • Understanding the participants requirement in terms of their knowledge, skills and attitude
  • Develop Training module for each segment as per requirement.
  • Imparting trainings in phase manner.
  • Monitoring the actual progress.
  • Exposure visits for participants to successful Village Panchayats, Water management committees, so that they learn from their experiences.
Initiatives Taken

Training in Panchayati raj The module aims to create awareness on Panchayati raj and roles and responsibility of members of panchayat so that become more aware and responsible in local self governance.

The topics covered were: Panchayati raj history, village Panchayat, people’s roles & responsibilities, roles & responsibilities of Sarpanch, Panchayat members, Roles & responsibilities of village secretary, Gramsabha, Committees of gram panchayat, and Procedure of monthly village panchayat meeting and creation of village development plan.


Efforts have been made for effective governance in the villages and all around development of the villages through capacity building programs.

  • SAKSHAM awareness programs on Panchayati Raj : 795 participants attended the program which was spread through 6 program
  • SAKSHAM of Panchayat leaders : 125 participants attended the program which was spread through 2 program
  • Training on ‘People’s importance in Panchayat’ for DRDA- Jamnagar”: It was attended by 100 Talatis and Sarpanches of Jamnagar dist.
  • Training on ‘Strategy of working with Govt. officers and ‘Panchayati Raj’ at DSC, Ahmedabad: It was attended by 35 trainees of BTC program.
Way forward
  • To build capacity of the primary students, college student, village leaders, voters, village development committees, SHGs, REDP beneficiaries, youths, employees, other NGOs, teachers apart from that of Panchayat members so that they all become an independent powerful medium of sustainable development and change.
  • To initiate training of trainer programs so we can reach more number of people.
  • To develop audio video aids booklets and other training materials to make the whole process participatory, interesting and effective.
  • To develop long and short training programs modules.
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