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Swasth Aangan
Divya Drishti

TCSRD has hosted the Life Line Express medical camp a number of times. The lifeline express is a unique community Health Project of Impact India. Designed to reach out as a one-stop medical solution for those people in the interiors who are poor and unable to go to far-flung places for their medical needs, the Lifeline Express consists of four railway coaches equipped with sophisticated medical and surgical facilities, as well as a training centre for doctors. It provides on the spot diagnostic, medical and surgical treatment completely free of charge.

In each of the camps thousands of people have benefited and many have been operated for cleft lip corrective surgery, corrective polio operations, and middle ear surgery and cataract operations.  Along with these surgeries, additional services like eye check up, provision of hearing aids, callipers, wheel chairs and tricycles, dental check up and epilepsy counselling are also provided.


  • Village health committees (VHC) have been established to monitor health activities. VHC has helped in promoting institutional deliveries. There is increase in the trend of institutional deliveries due to the motivation of the field coordinators and ASHA workers of the respective villages.

  • ANC status has improved due to regular check up done in the health camps.

  • Malnourishment has reduced in the children as regular monitoring is done by the doctors and children who are diagnosed in the danger zone are provided with supplements.

  • Immunization status has improved as awareness program is done regularly and monitoring is
    done by the village level coordinator. 80% vaccination has been achieved through dissemination of information on time and identification of both the pregnant women and 0-5 year old children by the field coordinators. Approx 4000 immunizations were done under Universal Immunization Program (UIP).

  • As per the strategy, major focus has been given on institutional delivery and delivery made by trained dais (TBA). Out of the 1631 deliveries in 55 villages of Gunnaur block, 910 were institutional delivery and rest were done by the trained people.

  • It was observed that out of the 671 malnourished children, the weight of 163 children increased after the treatment provided by the doctors arranged by TCSRD.

  • Out of the 203 women who no longer wished to bear children, 153 underwent the family planning operation in the camp organized under the Swasth Aangan project.

  • Under divya drishti project every year more than 1000 patients undergoes eye check up wherein 350- 425 patients are operated. The pre and post operative care of all the operated patients was done exclusively with the help of TCSRD.

  • TCSRD Haldia, screened the eyes of total 5788 students.

  • In Mithapur, 220 students availed the benefit under the eye camps.
Health Awareness and Mobile Health
Life Line Express and Other Specialty