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Whale Shark is the largest fish in the world and is a highly endangered species. It is not a whale but it is so called because of its enormous size which can grow up to 16-17m in length! Despite its size, it is a plankton-feeder and known for its docile behavior, leading it to be nicknamed the ‘gentle giant of the sea’. They visit the Gujarat coast each year but as a species it did not enjoy legal protection until the year 2001 and used to be slaughtered in large numbers. However, it was declared an “Endangered Species” in May 2001 and since then, there has been a big change in their protection status.

The “Save the Whale Shark Project” aims at improving the chances of survival of the whale shark off the coast of India by studying its behavior and migratory pattern and by creating awareness amongst the coastal communities. The project is being implemented in partnership with the Wildlife Trust of India and the Gujarat State Forest Dept.

The first phase of the program of awareness creation is completed. The project now moves to its second phase of finding out ecological information about the whale shark since very little is known about this fish worldwide. This phase also includes awareness campaign in Gujarat and Indian west coast and sharing information with all stakeholders in order to develop species management plans and actions.

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