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Regeneration of Mangroves
Biodiversity Reserve Plantation

The mangrove forests are, perhaps, amongst the least understood, admired and visited habitats of our wilderness. They are an important component of the marine coastal ecology and help in protecting the coastal areas against erosion, salinity ingress and storm surges. Mangroves also provide a critical habitat for many marine species and terrestrial wildlife.

The mangrove regeneration project, carried out in partnership with Mangroves for Future (MFF) project of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and local communities, aims at restoring the original mangrove cover, which will help improve the coastal wetland ecology and provide much needed roosting and nesting sites for aquatic birds. An established and healthy mangrove cover is also expected to protect the coastal areas of Okhamandal and Gujarat against the impact of tsunamis and storm surges. The project also includes the regeneration of grasslands and other upland plantations, in order to mitigate the stress on mangroves resulting from fodder and fuel wood collection activities by the local communities.

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