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Ponds are integral part of every household in Haldia region of West Bengal. The usage of ponds is not restricted to household activities like bathing, washing clothes, washing utensils etc. and also rearing of fish for household consumption. They rarely used these ponds for commercial use, till TCSRD initiated pond management project in 2003.

TCSRD imparted training on scientific methods of pond management to the community with the objective of providing them another source of earning and increasing their household income.

  • To managing pond as a natural resource
  • To practicing pisciculture for income generation
  • To maintain ecological/ physical/ hydrological balance of the ponds
  • To make ponds a source of income for the owners
  • Conducting community meeting to identify the groups for training
  • Identification of pond
  • Imparting training
  • Dewatering and land preparation
  • Water treatment
  • Regular monitoring and guidance
  • Providing them market linkage to sell their products

The training on the scientific methods of pond management was imparted to the 1769 community members from 42 surrounding villages. It was provided in small groups for better impact.


The villagers have started using pond not only for their household purpose but also for commercial purposes by adopting scientific methods of pond management. The project has helped in the availability of water from the pond round the year as the capacity of the ponds have increased due to the increase in the area and depth of the pond.

Cleaning of ponds and regular treatment of water helped in the use of clean water for household purposes. This has helped in decrease in number of skin related diseases in the area. People have also started integrated farming.

Intangible gains

The people have become aware of the scientific method of treating pond water. Pond management has also reflected in their change in attitude towards cleanliness and hygienic ways of living. Women are participating actively and are coming forward to implement pond management.

Way Forward

To strengthen the existing self help groups so that they take the ownership of sustaining the project after TCSRD moves on. To create models under pond management in all the surrounding villages so that it can be replicated by others.

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