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Natural Resource Management
Environment Care and Conservation
Livelihood Development

Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of sustainability. It recognizes that sustainability encompasses environmental stewardship, adding economic value, promoting human rights and building social capital. TCSRD sustainability efforts are augmented by its social development interventions which are being carried out by TCSRD, in and around Mithapur in Gujarat; Babrala in UP and Haldia in West Bengal

For the past three decades, TCSRD has consistently demonstrated its concern for its communities (both internal and external) and a respect for its environment and the local ecology. TCSRD, through its focused interventions and participatory approach ensures that the community members become the real managers and owners and work towards their own development and that of the society at large. To assess the impact of their community development interventions, TCSRD every year does the community satisfaction survey. This helps TCSRD to build a stronger foundation for an inclusive society.

Broadly, the community development initiatives at Mithapur, Babrala and Haldia are divided into six thematic areas which are Natural Resource Management, Environment Care and Conservation, Livelihood Development, Empowerment, Health, Education, Infrastructure development support.

Infrastructure Support Development
Volunteering Program