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Natural Resource Management
Environment Care and Conservation
Livelihood Development

The infrastructural development support in the all its three locations helps in improving the standard of living of the rural population. These supports also help TCSRD build long term relationship with the community in order to carry its various development initiatives.

Key programs include:
  1. Construction of brick paved tracks ( Kharanja)
  2. Construction of schools, Panchayat Ghars, Primary health centers
  3. Construction of approach roads
  4. Construction of bio-gas units
  5. Construction of sanitary units and individual toilets
  6. Repairs and maintenance of rural infrastructure
  7. Construction of smokeless chulahs
  8. Construction of low cost houses
Construction of the Nagaliya school building at Babrala.

Nagaliya School is located 2 km away from TCL, Babrala. None of the children from Nagaliya kazi village were going to school therefore TCL in the year 1996 built a school for them and gradually handed it over to them. For proper functioning of the school “‘Nagaliya Siksha Samithi’ was set up. Active members of the community and few teachers became its members. TCSRD assist the committee by coordinating the samitih’s meeting and help them by addressing the concerns. Continuous efforts are being made to convince the government to include this school under its jurisdiction so that it could also take the advantage of various government schemes and facilities. More than 94 students are studying in this school.

Construction of the boundary wall and paving of the school ground

TCSRD helped in repairing the school building after the request from the community. TCSRD started the construction and repair work with the assistance from Gram Panchayat School committees. Till date, 150 boundary walls have been constructed and brick paving of the 4 school grounds have been completed in Babrala.

Construction of Toilets at Babrala

To improve the sanitation facility in the surrounding rural areas, TCSRD constructed tanks toilets. Till date, 24 toilets have been constructed in core command areas and 274 toilets in the noncore command area.

Solar Energy at Babrala

Solar energy is the best alternative source of energy. Till date, 35 solar light and 60 solar lanterns have been distributed in 11 villages.

Infrastructure Support Development
Volunteering Program