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Swasth Aangan
Divys Dristhi

According to WHO definition, is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Improving the health of rural community continues to be an important part of the TCSRD overall strategy for socio economic development. From its inception, TCSRD has been focusing on the preventive aspects of health. Once in four years, TCSRD through the lifeline express project takes care of the curative aspects of certain common diseases.

The preventive aspect of health is addressed by adopting sector wide approach encompassing sanitation and hygiene; nutrition and safe drinking water.


In the absence of qualified doctors in the rural areas, treatment of the common diseases causes economic as well as physical hardship to the community. Many rural areas are characterized by low literacy levels, high infant and maternal mortality rates and high fertility rates. The projects on health care endeavor to improve health indices and to create systems that improve the capacity of community based organizations by providing better health care at the doorstep of rural community.



Special focus in the health sector from its inception has been on the health and hygiene awareness program. TCSRD addresses the issue of health by adopting sector wide approach encompassing sanitation and hygiene, nutrition and safe drinking water as basic determinants for good health.

The core strategies include strengthening of existing infrastructure like: sub-centers, Primary Health Centers (PHCs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs) with the support of the two main stakeholders, which are the community and the government. It works on building the capacity of local health care providers such as Asha workers, traditional birth attendants, swasth mitra as well as that of the community based institutions such as the village health committee etc.

On program front, TCSRD facilitates the government run health program in the rural communities. Along with the community support, TCSRD has been facilitating the maternal and child healthcare program. Additionally, it also works on creating awareness about HIV-AIDS prevention and other prevalent diseases.

Activities undertaken in the health program

Wide ranging initiatives has been taken to improve the health and the health infrastructure of the community. To address the healthcare needs of the targeted population, TCSRD has taken up the following initiatives:

  • Swasth Aagan
  • Divya Drishti
  • Health awareness program and mobile health camps
  • Life line express and other speciality campsĀ 
Health Awareness and Mobile Health
Life Line Express and Other Specialty