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Adult Education

Education is the gradual process of acquiring knowledge by learning and instructions. At TCSRD, it’s an important tool to improve the social economic status of the communities where TCSRD has initiated its development programs. TCSRD runs both formal and non formal education program in all the three locations.


Education is an important tool to improve the social economic condition of the nation. It is an important indicator of social economic development. It is increasingly becoming the primary determinant of overall development in the emerging knowledge economy. The biggest challenge is the improvement of education in the rural areas. Overall enrolment in primary and middle schools is very low. 50% of children living in the targeted areas of intervention leave school before the fifth grade.


The literacy rate of Jamnagar district is around 65%, but that of Okhamandal is much lower. The literacy rate among females is even lower. The secondary education scenario too is far from satisfactory. Most of the schools in the villages are primary schools and have classes only till VII standard. There are around 5 high schools in the taluka, with low enrolment rate and high dropout rate mainly because of lack of motivation to study further and lack of facilities in these high schools. In Haldia, the average literacy is 72%. It is noteworthy, that the female literacy in Haldia is 98% which is higher than that of male literacy which is 79%. Inspite of this it is felt that a person with a mere 8 years of schooling will be as disadvantaged in the knowledge economy as an illiterate person is in modern industry and services. The dropout rate is high at the primary level schools in West Bengal. Similarly, at Babrala, the overall quality of education and learning is very low.

Seeing the above scenario, TCSRD aims to build a long-term perspective by improving the quality of basic education up to class X level and by providing access to learning opportunities to children in the age group of 6-16.

Promoting Enrolment
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