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Partnering with agencies for community development and enriching lives together
Participatory sustainable development is an integral part of TCSRD Community Development Policy. It focuses on involvement of all in the community development process as community development cannot be done in isolation. Partnerships not only for funding but of all kinds ensure long term sustainability. Partnerships ensure efficient usage of resources and skills.

TCSRD partners in development are a diverse group that includes the community, government bodies, non-Governmental organizations, professional associations, research institutes and volunteers. TCSRD has envisaged a tripartite model for partnering, involving the company, the agency and the beneficiary. Each of these brings in unique skills required for development.

Partners are involved in all stages of community development. They are crucial for the funds, expertise, technology, and skill sets they bring into the development process.  
Partners are selected as per the intervention designed to suit the needs the community and type of partner involvement required.

  • Partnerships have ensured efficient usage of resources and skills.
  • The organization is now a learning organization continuously innovating and learning from others
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