Advocating nutrition

The Statesman

08 March 2018

CINI in collaboration with TCL and Government of India unveiled ‘Swasthya Angan’, a first-of-its-kind booklet on nutrition.

The Do-Gooders

Financial Chronicle

10 February 2017

Corporate philanthropy has had a long tradition in India and happily, the practice has endured and grown. Ritwik Mukherjee reports

This artisan-led apparel and accessories brand is providing employment to 500 Gujarati women

26 September 2017

Since 1996, Okhai has been supporting local women artisans in the villages of Mithapur district in Gujarat by training them in the crafts of appliqué and embroidery.

Living on the fringes

The Statesman

16 November 2017

A magnificent world of corals opened up for Pradeep Chamaria, as he explored the reef area off the coast of Saurashtra at low tide.