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The community development journey began in 80’s in Mithapur, which is part of the Dwarka taluka in the Jamnagar district. At Mithapur, TCSRD has been working in Okhamandal and Kalyanpur Taluka. Mithapur is the home to the Chemicals division of Tata Chemicals ltd. It lies on the western most tip of the Saurashtra peninsula. The most prominent community here is that of Vaghers. Lohanas, Rajputs, Rabaris, Muslims and Harijans are the other communities. The main occupation of the community is agriculture, which depends on the highly erratic monsoon.  The economy of the region is also dependent on religious tourism, as Dwarka, Nageshwar and Beyt Dwarka are famous Hindu pilgrim sites of the region. 

Tata Chemicals ltd fertilizer plant at Babrala was set up in November 1994. Babrala is one of the most backward regions of Uttar Pradesh in the Badaun district. TCSRD has been working in Gunnour, Rajpura and Junawal blocks of Badaun disrtict since 90’s. Agriculture is the predominant occupation, followed by cattle rearing mainly buffaloes and cows at Babrala. 90% of its population is engaged in agriculture based activities. It covers 75% of the total landmass area. Large-scale farming is absent as most of the household practices traditional farming, owning in an average 3-6 bigha (1/3 acre). Area has a mix of good alluvial / sandy loose soil, and some pockets of highly saline (USAR) land, which is deficient in Nitrogen Potassium Phosphorus (NPK). The ground water level is high with abundant water available at shallow depths.

Haldia located in the Medinipore district of West Bengal is a very busy port and an industrialized area. The literacy level is 70% and the living standard is above the average standard. At Haldia, TCSRD started its community development program in 2005-06.

On the basis of the need assessment and socio economic study carried out by Ramakrishna Mission Lokshiksha Parishad, the natural resource management program, income generation program, health, education and infrastructure development programs were initiated in Haldia and Sutahata blocks.
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