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Tata Chemicals believes in a cohesive, inclusive and integrated society, in which all individuals have access to opportunities for personal growth and inclusive economic growth. The present socio-economic environment necessitates a more constructive role by industry for achieving inclusiveness and complementing the ongoing efforts of Government and civil society in enhancing social equity.

Improving the quality of life and fostering sustainable and integrated development in the communities where it operates is central to Tata Chemicals’ corporate philosophy. In order to do so Tata Chemicals established Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) in 1980 as a society and trust.
The principle aim and objective as written in the memorandum of association, of which Tata Chemicals is a principle promoter is to undertake, carry out, promote, sponsor, assist or aid directly or in other manner, any activity for:

  • The promotion and growth of rural economy

  • Rural welfare

  • Activities relating to environmental protection

  • Conservation of natural resources

  • Creating and developing facilities for public education

  • Fostering conservation and research in the field of natural history

  • Other programs for promoting the socio-economic development and welfare or uplift of the people in any rural area in India, particularly the rural areas around the town of Mithapur in the state of Gujarat; around Babrala Township in the state of Uttar Pradesh; around Haldia in the state of West Bengal and in other states where Tata Chemicals may have a presence.

Tata Chemicals Limited being the principal promoter and the founder corporate member provides to the society technical know-how and skills as may be available with the company and implements at its discretion, the rural development programs wholly or partly through the Society. The objective of social responsibility is equally well-entrenched in the minds of its employees, who play an active part in providing financial support and empowering rural communities to chart their own development.

Initially, the projects implemented by TCSRD focused on welfare and relief activities. In early 90’s the focus shifted to a proactive approach that aimed at sustainable community development. Baseline studies were initiated and interventions were divided into development activities – direct economic gain and service activities – no direct gain but important for the overall socio-economic development of the area.

The programs which are being carried out are under these heads:
  • Natural Resource Management Program

  • Income generation / Livelihood Development Program

  • Health, Education and Infrastructure (Services)

  • Environment care and conservation

Currently, TCSRD has refined its approach and developed the following framework to specifically cater to meeting its vision & mission.

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